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P/N: SG422

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The SAB GOBLIN RAW 420 White/Orange special edition.
  • SAB Direct Drive motor design in the kit
  • 10mm OWB integrated into the motor
  • Quick release battery tray with built-in connectors
  • Zytel HTN Resin blade grip arm, works as sacrificial element in the event of a crash
  • No need take of the canopy to change battery
  • Neon Yellow color for best visibility in the air

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 1000g (w/ motor, blades)
  • Main rotor diameter: 935mm
  • Main blades: 420mm (380-420mm)
  • Tail rotor diameter: 190mm
  • Tail blades: 70mm (60-70mm)
  • Cyclic servo: Micro 23mm
  • Tail servo: Mini 35mm
  • Typical Motor: SAB Direct Drive Motor (Competition)
  • Typical ESC: 6S 60-80A
  • Typical battery: 6S 2200/2700mAh
  • Main rotor ratio: 1.0:1
  • Tail rotor ratio: 4.0:1

Package includes:

  • Helicopter kit*
  • 1 set of battery tray w. straps
  • Direct Drive motor
  • 420mm main blades
  • 70mm tail blades

* Kit does not include ESC and other electronics, need to purchase separately.  Assembly is required.