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P/N: SG285

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全新 SAB GOBLIN FIREBALL 小型直升機搭配 “HAVOK”(浩劫)迷彩外觀。套件包含 Competition 高轉速直驅馬達,60A 電變,3個 DS12C 十字盤伺服機,1個 DS12T 鎖尾伺服機,與許多金屬升級配件。

The all-new SAB GOBLIN FIREBALL small-scale helicopter with the "HAVOK" style matte color scheme.  This kit includes Competition direct-drive motor, 60A ESC, DS12C cyclic servos, DS12T tail servo, and many aluminum upgrade parts.

技術規格 / Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 735g (w. std. electronics, no battery)
  • Main rotor diameter: 626mm
  • Main blades: 280mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 139mm
  • Tail blades: 50mm
  • Cyclic servo: Micro 23mm
  • Tail servo: Micro 23mm
  • Motor: SAB Competition motor (HE015)
  • ESC: SAB 60A ESC (HE022)
  • Typical battery: 6S 1000/1250mAh
  • Main rotor ratio: 1.0
  • Tail rotor ratio: n/a

內容包含 / Package includes:

  • Helicopter kit (assembly is required)
  • SAB HAVOK color scheme canopy & tail boom
  • SAB Competition direct-drive motor (HE015)
  • SAB 60A ESC (HE022)
  • SAB DS12C micro cyclic servos (HE018)
  • SAB DS12T micro tail servo (HE019)
  • SAB red alum. blade grip arms (H0843-S)
  • SAB red alum. front servo mount (H0914-S)
  • SAB red alum. rear servo mount (H0915-S)
  • SAB red alum. bell crank lever (H0911-S)
  • 280mm main blades
  • 50mm tail blades
  • Instruction manual