Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an item in stock?

A: Storefront is linked to our inventory system in the backend.  Inventory level is live and current.  If an item is has a black "Back order" label this means the item is currently out of stock.  You can contact us via our Contact Us page for more information.  If an item does not have a black "Back order" label, it means the item is in stock and available for purchase.

Q: What types of payment method do we accept?

A: We accept Visa, Master, American Express, UnionPay (credit card), Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Q: Can I use multiple payment methods and/or make multiple payments to pay my order?

A: No, we cannot split an order into for multiple payment methods and multiple payments.

Q: Is the personal information I provided secure?  If I purchase here, is the transaction safe?

A: The personal contact data you provide is completely secure. We will NOT provide or sell your personal contact information to any third parties. At the same time, we do not have your account password.  If you have forgotten your account password, please go to the "Login" page "Forgot your password?" option to reset your password.  The transaction process for all payments is processed directly through the payment platform.  We do not handle your transactions, credit cards, personal, transaction codes and other related information and processes, and do not have such data.  These trading platforms all employ strict and high-spec encryption. Please rest assured.

Q: Do I need to activate international shopping and Internet online shopping functions for my credit card?

A: Yes, we recommend you contact your credit card company to activate international shipping and Internet shopping functions for your credit card.

Q: When will my order be shipped?

A: Order is generally shipped 2-3 working days after it has been placed.  Typically, it will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours.  We do not ship orders on Sunday and holidays. For some countries and regions, customer have to file application with local custom authority.  Fail to apply will delay shipment. For more information, please read our Shipping Policy.

Q: Where is my order shipped from?

A: Orders are processed and shipped from our main warehouse in Guangzhou, China. Some orders maybe shipped from our office in Hong Kong. 

Q: How is my order being shipped?

A: Orders are being shipped based on the most appropriate express courier depending on destination country/region and product characteristics.  Generally, we ship by Hong Kong SpeedPost, UPS, SF Express, and ZTO Express (Mainland China).  For more information, please read our Shipping Policy.

Q: If product package is opened, can I still return it?

A: Since we cannot ensure whether the product has been tried/used, modified and/or items missing or swapped so if a product's package has opened, we will not accept return and refund.  It is recommended that you check the product number (e.g. H0000-S) after receiving the product before opening the package. If does not match, do not open it. For some spare parts products, it is recommended that you double-check the spare part's part number (e.g. H0000-S) with the instruction/assembly manual. If does not match, do not open it.

Q: If I find the item I purchased to be faulty, damaged or defective, what do I do?

A: If you find the item you purchased to be faulty, damaged and defective within 7 days after your have received it, do not get nervous.  Contact us using our Contact Us page explain the issue and perhaps include a few photos of the item.  We may need you to provide additional information and photos (or videos) to evaluate cause and the condition of the item to determine the best method to remedy the situation. 

Q: Do we provide building service for customers?

A: No, we do not.

Q: Do we provide custom canopy and fuselage paint service?

A: Yes.  For custom canopy and fuselage paint service, please contact us via Contact Us page for more information.