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P/N: SG800

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源自為 F3C 競賽所設計的冠軍機型 Urukay Genesis,SAB 推出首款 800級直升機 - MAVERICK。主要區別如下:

  • 加長的尾管,可以使用 800mm 主槳
  • 三槳尾旋翼設計,以賦予精準的鎖尾效率
  • 搭配更長主軸和更剛性傳動模組
  • 外觀更有氣勢的配合和圖案


Derived from the Urukay Genesis, the famous model develop to win in the F3C category, here are the main difference:

  • Longer boom that enables the use of 800mm blades
  • 3-blade tail rotor in order to give the correct authority
  • Rigid transmission module with longer main shaft
  • Aggressive graphic scheme

Experience the MAVERICK!

技術規格 / Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 4250g (w/o. electronics, battery)
  • Main rotor diameter: 1768mm
  • Main blades: 800mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 305mm
  • Tail blades: 115mm
  • Cyclic servo: Standard 40mm
  • Tail servo: Standard 40mm
  • Typical Motor: 4530
  • Typical ESC: 12S 160-200A
  • Typical battery: 12S 5500mAh
  • Main rotor ratio: 11.8-8.4:1
  • Tail rotor ratio: 5.0-4.8:1

內容包含 / Package includes:

  • Helicopter kit (assembly is required)
  • Battery tray w. straps
  • 800mm main blades
  • 115mm tail blades
  • Instruction manual