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P/N: SAM169

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The SAB AVIO M169 "HAVOK" is a turbine power 1:8 scale large jet.  Different from the Drake, Havok is capable of using 4 servos for both aileron and elevator (Drake only is with 2 wing servos for aileron). The Havok is SAB's top-of-the class flagship jet.

The fuselage is fabricated using full sandwich fiberglass/airex vacuum and fully painted at the factory.  It is ready to install with SAB landing gears.  Control surface horns and servo mounts are already installed.  Super fast assembly as major components are pre-setup at factory.

High angle thrust vectoring - Standard with vector.  Vector allow a deviation of the flow until 30-degree angle.  Made in INOX, with TIG welds, completely in metal.  Coaxial to the gas turbine outlet pipe, it has a direct response, with no dead zone.  The precision is maximum.

High performance and wide flight envelop, high speed or 3D - Delta conformation was tested and optimized for all flight conditions. Agile, stable and fast. Fun is guaranteed.

Conformal and removable fuel tank - With the simple removal of three screws, the tank can be removed quickly and easily. Every maintenance and verification is extremely simple.

Technical Specifications:

  • Configuration: Turbine
  • Wing span: 169cm
  • Max. length: 236cm
  • Weight: 13-14kg (dry weight)
  • Typical turbine: 12-25kg
  • Tank capacity: 5L
  • Servo:
    • Aileron: Std 40mm
    • Elevator: Std 40mm
    • Rudder: Mini 35mm
    • Canard: Std 40mm

Package includes:

  • Airplane kit*

* Kit does not include turbine engine, electronics, landing gears & control unit, need to purchase separately.  Assembly is required.

Photo credit: Geoff Grice