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The word PIUMA (meaning "feather" in Italian) is synonymous with lightness.  This 700-size model is extremely light and great for new style of flying.  IT DOES NOT replace the current RAW 700 but it creates another option for those who do not seek super high headspeed (2150 - 2200+) but wants a "light" flying style with a low cost setup.

Most of our tests are done with typical 580 setup using 4025/4030 motors and 6S 120-150A/12S 130A.  The weight of the PIUMA with 6S 5500mAh battery is under 4kg.

The PIUMA is the result of combining RAW 700, RAW 580 and RAW 700 NITRO.

12S 3300-3700 mAh or 6S 5200-5800 mAh are the recommended setups for the best flight compromise.

12S 5000 mAh setup is good for 6 minutes of soft sporty 3D flight.

If you prefer lightweight, light & easy RPM flying, the PIUMA 700 is your choice!

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 2200g (w/o. electronics, battery)
  • Main rotor diameter: 1542mm
  • Main blades: 650-730mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 275mm
  • Tail blades: 105-115mm
  • Cyclic servo: Standard 40mm
  • Tail servo: Standard 40mm
  • Typical Motor: 4025, 4030
  • Typical ESC: 6S 150A, 12S 130A
  • Typical battery: 6S 5200-5800mAh or 12S 3300-3700mAh
  • Main rotor ratio: 12-9:1
  • Tail rotor ratio: -

Package includes:

  • Helicopter kit*
  • Battery tray w. straps
  • 700mm main blades
  • 105mm tail blades

* Kit does not include motor, ESC and other electronics, need to purchase separately.  Assembly is required.