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P/N: TR680-998

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The new TRON 7.0 DNAMIC is an ultralight 700 class helicopter delivers stunning flight performance starting from 6S up to 12S Li-PO battery configurations.

The TRON 7.0 DNAMIC is a development of the TRON 5.8, but with appropriate changes to meet the need of a 700 size helicopter for comfortable low head speed flights or LIGHTWEIGHT HIGH AGILITY flights.

An updated and larger rotor head, a new tail transmission and various other changes have found their way into the TRON 7.0 DNAMIC and will deliver absolutely precise and agile helicopter.

Excellent stability with bulletproof tail authority.

Last but not least, the take-off weight is once again, second to none!

Technical Highlights:

  • CNC main gear 137T / MOD 0.9.;
  • Motor pinion available in 13T, 14T, 15T, 16T, 17T.;
  • Tail main drive pulley 101T.;
  • Tail back side pulley available in 18T, 19T, 20T with tail gear ratio 5.05 to 5.g (5.05 standard).;
  • Mechanical wight with canopy and battery tray is 1650g / 3.63lbs.;
  • Mini or full-size cyclic servo option (adapter included in kit).;
  • Motor mounting features a bearing block supported pinion, reducing overall wear on power system and drive-train.;
  • Compatible with a wide range of motor sizes. 4020, 4025 or 4225 series (6mm shaft diameter with min. 15mm length is required).;
  • Possible 3700g RTF weight with:
    • 3 full-size low-profile cyclic servos and 1 full-size tail servo;
    • Scorpion 130HV ESC;
    • Scorpion 4225 motor;
    • FBL flight control; and
    • 1 6S-5500mAh Li-PO battery.
  • Supersonic canopy mount included in the kit (backside).;
  • Semi Fusion edition design included in the kit.;
  • Heavy-duty one-way bearing and hub design.;
  • Innovative FBL tray (adjustable dampening hardness).;
  • Octa boom design with oval shape.;
  • Capable of using a wide range of Li-PO battery configuration (6S 5000mAh, 7S/8S 5500mAh recommended or 12S 3300mAh stick pack);
  • High visibility canopy for perfect orientation in flight.;
  • Head speed range from 1100 rpm to maximum 2000 rpm.; and
  • Maximum 705mm main blades and 105 tail blades.

Package includes:

  • Helicopter kit*
  • Motor pinion
  • Battery trays

* Kit does not include main & tail rotor blades, motor, ESC and other electronics, need to purchase separately. Assembly is required.