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GOBLIN RAW 420 (SG421)

P/N: SG421

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全新的 SAB GOBLIN RAW 420 上市!
  • 全新 SAB DIRECT DRIVE 馬達直驅設計,解決長期以來動力、重心與維護問題
  • 堅固的 10mm 單向軸承(OWB)設計集成於 SAB DIRECT DRIVE 直驅動馬達中
  • 無需拆卸頭罩即可透過快拆裝置更換電池
  • 主槳夾採用高強度 Zytec HTN 樹脂材料在強烈撞擊下可斷開釋放撞擊能量
  • 標配全新設計 S 主尾槳(S420 與 S70)
  • 鮮豔的螢光黃外觀讓這台小型直升機在空中更顯眼

The all-new SAB GOBLIN RAW 420 is here!

  • SAB Direct Drive motor design in the kit
  • 10mm OWB integrated into the motor
  • Quick release battery tray with built-in connectors
  • Zytel HTN Resin blade grip arm, works as sacrificial element in the event of a crash
  • No need take of the canopy to change battery
  • Neon Yellow color for best visibility in the air

技術規格|Technical specifications:

  • 重量|Weight: 1000g (w/ motor, blades)
  • 主旋翼直徑|Main rotor diameter: 935mm
  • 主槳|Main blades: 420mm (380-420mm)
  • 尾旋翼直徑|Tail rotor diameter: 190mm
  • 尾槳|Tail blades: 70mm (60-70mm)
  • 傾盤伺服器|Cyclic servo: Micro 23mm
  • 鎖尾伺服器|Tail servo: Mini 35mm
  • 適用馬達|Typical Motor: SAB Direct Drive Motor (Competition)
  • 適用電變|Typical ESC: 6S 60-80A
  • 適用電池|Typical battery: 6S 2200/2700mAh
  • 主傳動比|Main rotor ratio: 1.0:1
  • 尾傳動比|Tail rotor ratio: 4.0:1

內容包含|Package includes:

  • 直升機套件*|Helicopter kit*
  • 1 組電池托盤|1 set of battery tray w. straps
  • Direct Drive 馬達|Direct Drive motor
  • 420mm 主槳|420mm main blades
  • 70mm 尾槳|70mm tail blades
  • 說明書|Instruction manual

* 須自行組裝 |Assembly is required